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Hana & Mirek

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Dear friends,
let us share some words and pictures of our summer Parisian trip with you on this our website.
Yes, Paris ... frankly speaking we thought that our great travel to the States would be only the one big travel this year, the only one big Hana's birthday gift. But after our return home from the States, when we settled a bit, we, it means my son Michal, his girl Iva and me, were thinking of a gift for Hana, Michal and Iva remembered Hana's long time wish to visit to Paris and they came up with this trip. And I agreed ... Michal booked flights and a hotel and made a financial contribution to Hana's part. So it wasn't long planned trip, it was rather a brainwave. But the good brainwave, I think. We love brainwaves ...
So now we have spent really beautiful five days in Paris and we have visited many interesting places over there. But you can imagine ... it is only the one small part of the whole number of Parisian sights.
Yes, we had known that Paris is the town with many cathedrals, chapells, museums and other sights before we took off but the reality was even more surprising and overwhelming. And it is the town with its own soul and special atmosphere. Whether they are Parisian restaurants, coffees, metros, Parisian wide boulevards with many trees and busy traffic and crowded sidewalks or narrow quiet lanes with stairs going up to Montmartre, calm old squares with many painters. 
Hana enjoyed her another birthday gift really much ... and me as her guard too  :-))).

Thus we hope you would spend splendid time to see this website. So enjoy it. It all was made for your pleasure ...
Well. Every small Eiffel tower in the left is your path to the next page.

The beginning of our French adventure started at the Prague-Ruzyne airport at 7:15 a.m. on Sunday, July 29th when our plane took off from the runway. Our flight took us something about one and a half hour and we landed onto the Charles de Gaulle airport before 9 a.m. At the airport we spent about 2 hours aranging Parisian transportation passes (Orange Card, 30) and weekly tickets for it and the Paris Museum Passes for two days (32 ) for sightseeing Parisian sights. And another days showed us that it was a good idea to buy both of that tools and it was worth buying them. They saved us much time and money. And also we took advantage from plans of the metro and RER that I had printed from the Internet and I brought them along.
Then we took the 'RER' train, letter B, blue line to the Gare du Nord station, then the  metro, number 4,
violet line to the Strasbourg Saint-Denis station and by the metro, number 8, lilac line we reached our final metro station Ecole Militaire. Then we took about 10 minutes walk and about 1 p.m. we checked in in our Alma hotel, in the De L'Exposition street, about 10 minutes walk from the Eiffel tower. We settled in, calmed down and started our exploring Paris. We headed through Champ de Mars (Field of Mars) to our first target of our sightseeing, to La Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower). It is amazing construction ! 984 feet tall steel tower ! It is a perfect craft and architectonic work and in the same it is incredible beautiful thing, almost the art ... But there was a lot of people waiting for climbing and lifting and also the weather wasn't so nice, so we gave up a view from the top and we continued our walking up toward Trocadero. There was  a beautiful view to the Eiffel Tower and other sights in that direction. Then we did a small sightseeing circle around Trocadero and then we went down to Seina riverbank, crossed the river over the Pont de l'Alma and came back to the hotel. Without hurry, we enjoyed our time and vacation feeling.
However after our return to the hotel room we were so tired with all that early getting up, flying and traveling that we went to bed short time after 7 p.m. And you know me ...  before sleeping I had to arrange my blanket from French style to my favorite cocoon :-) .